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Explore this brochure to gain insights into the ACIST HDi® HD IVUS System, the preferred choice for intravascular ultrasound/intracoronary imaging. Discover what this system is and how it can benefit physicians by providing enhanced patient care. The HDi® IVUS System introduces innovative imaging modes, including LumenView™ and SilkView™, specifically designed to detect complex complications. This aids in enabling physicians to effectively treat patients. By facilitating the identification of edge dissection, lipid plaque, and thrombus, the HDi® System aids in reducing coronary complications. This approach, focused on “see it, treat it, and prevent it,” has shown improved detection of thrombus and edge dissection. Notably, HDi® surpasses OCT in stent size visualization of media by a factor of 3, and it detects 8 times more lipid pools compared to the 40 MHz system. Delve further into this brochure to uncover additional details about the ACIST HDi® System and its accompanying Kodama® HD IVUS Catheter.


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