The Navvus® Rapid Exchange FFR MicroCatheter stands as the sole alternative to traditional FFR pressure wire technology. It provides the flexibility to employ your preferred guidewire for swift and precise FFR evaluations. Navvus® offers reliable deliverability with a slender profile and a tapered tip, allowing for easy navigation through intricate vessels and crossing of complex lesions with minimal force. Moreover, Navvus® ensures optimal control by accommodating any 0.014″ guidewire, maintaining wire position throughout the procedure, including pull-back assessments and post-PCI FFR measurements. Additionally, it helps provide enduring accuracy through its fiber-optic sensor technology, delivering precise and reproducible hemodynamic pressure measurements. For further insights, delve into the ACIST FFR Study, which demonstrates a strong correlation between FFR measurements obtained by Navvus® and those achieved through standard pressure wires.


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