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Read this blog to explore the various features and functions of the ACIST CVI® Contrast Delivery Systems. It highlights the range of abilities CVI® has in terms of device capabilities, setup options, and use-case applications. Learn how these features can positively impact the cath lab as a whole including: healthcare professionals, hospitals, and of course patients. CVI® is known for its versatility in the cath lab. The user has the ability to adjust various parameters and perform seamless transitions between procedures. The device also has versatility in setup, allowing the user to mount the system on a rail or cart. Furthermore, the screen and control panel can be separated from the injector head, giving the healthcare professional the ability to position the device as they like. CVI® also supports a full range of catheter sizes, including 4Fr. The system also has a multiuse syringe, which allows for up to six procedures to be performed with improved workflow management and reduced contrast waste. Lastly the CVI® can be used in various procedure types, including: right heart, left heart, structural/TAVR, peripheral, and other interventions. Continue reading to learn more about ACIST CVI® and how Dr. Vamsi S. Krishna, Interventional Cardiology Specialist at Ascension Seton Edgar B. Davis and Ascension Seton Hays, uses it in the cath lab.