ACIST Medical Systems offers diagnostic tools to enhance patient care. Education is a key aspect of our partnership. Clinical evidence highlights the impact of COVID-19 on multiple organs, including the kidneys. Acute kidney injury (AKI) can occur in not just the elderly, but also young and healthy adults with COVID-19. A strong correlation exists between cardiac and kidney injury in COVID-19 patients. AKI is associated with severity and mortality, affecting up to 30% of hospitalized patients. Post-COVID-19 recovery increases the risk of developing chronic kidney disease as well. ACIST CVi™ Contrast Delivery System mitigates the risk of CI-AKI during coronary angiography by reducing contrast dose and preserving renal function. It aligns with SCAI/ACC/AMA guidelines and demonstrates a 22% reduction in contrast delivered compared to the hand manifold. Read to learn more about our solution for optimizing patient care.


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